The CourseMaven platform provides complete program management for dual enrollment programs plus instructor management and course credentialing.

Turbocharge Enrollments

Easy, robust course finder and and easy online registration

Streamline Administration

Eliminate paper, phone registrations, data entry and spreadsheets

Support Your Partners

Extend the benefits of automation to high schools and employers

Delight Your Students

Provide an Amazon-like experience for your tech-savvy students


Amazon-style course search

Yes, we admit it. We think enrolling in courses ought to be as easy as buying something on Amazon. So we designed our course finder and shopping cart to be just as easy.


Wizard-based workflows

CourseMaven was designed for ease of use. Configured to match your school's unique process, our wizards take the guess work out of getting started.


Integrated analytics

We believe you should know exactly where everything stands all the time AND have the ability to proactively manage your program based on data-driven insights.

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The CourseMaven Story

CourseMaven is an educational software company located in the Washington, DC suburbs.

CourseMaven was founded in 2009 by a team of software industry veterans with extensive experience in higher education. Our CEO, Janet Van Pelt, previously founded Echo360, the leading provider of enterprise lecture capture in higher education now deployed at over 800 colleges and universities worldwide.

Based on our understanding of the college environment, we recognized that legacy student systems don’t fully serve the needs of programs serving non-traditional students. Our cloud-based platform combines an intuitive user interface with a highly configurable workflow engine that seamlessly exchanges data with student systems as necessary. This allows colleges to create an efficient and intuitive user experience for students, partners and internal staff while maintaining the integrity of the student system as the system of record where required.

We released our first solution built on this platform,, in 2012. has been adopted by a wide range of colleges including LaRoche College, Missouri Southern State University and the College of Western Idaho.

The CourseMaven Difference

Our cloud-based architecture and highly configurable platform provide the ideal combination of flexibility to meet the unique requirements of every institution with incredibly affordable pricing. No consulting/profession services are required, and the annual licensing costs scales with volume, making it affordable for any size program.

CourseMaven solutions run on Amazon Web Services, a hosting platform trusted by organizations including the Central Intelligence Agency, Centers for Disease Control, Adobe, Dow Jones, FINRA and Expedia for its security, reliability, and scalability. We use the administrative toolkit to manage our AWS environment and our solutions are built on the modern, flexible Ruby on Rails technology stack.

CourseMaven utilizes standards-based data exchange to integrate as needed with your Student Information System. We know you’re skeptical—every college has at least one horror story about trying to get a third party system to work with their SIS. Our reference customers will gladly confirm that the SIS handshake was minimal work to set up initially and works seamlessly once in place.

We completely understand that every college has unique requirements about how their continuing education program presents courses, registers students, contracts with instructors, interacts with employers. Our platform was designed from the ground up to be fully configurable, which enables CourseMaven to support those requirements with ease.

CourseMaven solutions justify their cost in three ways. Hardest to quantify are the intangibles--an intuitive, automated process makes a better impression on students, and our employer tools and portal differentiate your college as a preferred provider of training/workforce development.

Second, CourseMaven significantly reduces the cost of running your program by eliminating manual work and helping you manage the availability of courses.

Last, CourseMaven increases revenue--features like an integrated course finder, online registration and payment, and reminders/alerts ensure that more students complete the registration process which results in more tuition.