Our flexible platform provides everything you need to deliver a world class user experience to your students while running your programs at peak efficiency


Student System Integration

Seamless exchange of data between systems eliminates duplicate effort and manual data entry.

Employer Tools

Bulk registration, custom certificate creation, reporting, and automated approval workflow make your program the provider of choice for local employers.

Pays for Itself

Saves you time and money with automated registration and increases enrollment to generate incremental tuition dollars.


Your system should flex to fit you, not the other way around. Our configurable workflow supports and automates your current processes.


CourseMosaic stores all your program data, enabling compliance, reporting, forecasting, budgeting, and program enhancement.


Your courses are your best marketing. The interactive course finder shows students all courses that fit their interests, location, and schedule.

Standalone or Integrated

Use CourseMosaic standalone or integrated with Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, or other SIS's.

Manage Instructors

Accessing instructor contact information, approved classes, and curriculum all in one place makes it easy to schedule more courses.

Flexible Payments

CourseMosaic supports credit and debit cards and electronic checks, employer, student or split payment, and payment at registration or invoicing.

Course Finder and Shopping Cart

Students can search available courses by subject, certificate/program, start or end dates, location, meeting time, etc. enabling them to quickly hone in on courses that meet their needs. They can register immediately or save several possible courses and come back later to finalize their choice. Full shopping cart functionality makes it easy to complete the registration process including purchase of supplemental items like course materials or parking.



Guided Application and Registration

Students receive dynamic step-by-step guidance as they apply and register; steps are determined in real time based on college policy and prior responses

Student Profile

Each student’s complete history is easily accessible online 24x7. College personnel can respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently, and students can track their progress and manage their interaction with the school.



Instructor Management

CourseMosaic centralizes instructor information for instant access. The system streamlines the process of adding new instructors, making it possible to grow without adding staff.

Course and Certificate/Program Creation

CourseMosaic provides extensive tools for creating courses/sections and setting up certificates and programs. The system supports open entry, open exit, specified start/end date as well as terms. Synchronizing start/end dates with the college’s terms allows SIS integration of any course type even for student systems that support only terms.



Course Profitability Analysis

Completed and pending registrations are provided for every section with multiple sort options. Track registrations in real time and identify sections which will fail to meet minimum enrollment levels so you can take corrective actions.

Employer Portal

Offer key employer partners an employer portal, allowing them to quickly identify action items on their part, create custom training, purchase seats for employees via direct payment, track progress by employee, and take advantage of volume discounts or custom pricing. The college can also coordinate custom or contract training with the employer via the portal.



Custom Programs and Contract Training

Employers can create custom programs from courses offered by the college, purchase seats in these courses in advance, and track progress by employee. For contract training, the college can create courses or programs visible only to employees, allowing an ideal combination of full CourseMosaic functionality (online registration, bulk registration, reminders and alerts, flexible payment) and complete customization.

Leverage Existing Web & Print Presence

CourseMosaic leverages your existing capabilities in both web and print format. Add a link to existing web-based course descriptions or add support for QR codes in print catalogs. CourseMosaic's responsive design supports desktop/laptop, tablets and mobile devices.



Integrated Reporting & Analytics

Since CourseMosaic stores all program data, it can generate reports and dashboards on any aspect of your program. Justify budget requests, identify trends and opportunities to grow your program with the confidence that comes from data driven decision-making.

CourseMosaic also provides reports and dashboards for employer-driven activity. Providing employer partners with data-driven evidence of value help solidify relationships and increase utilization and enrollment.